Male Participants

To keep the gender balance conducive to our goals, men are welcome in CnS when accompanied by a self-identified female member of the group. In order to further our goal of being women-focussed, we must retain the sense that most of the effort and discussion in CnS involves women and is about women and their role in technology and/or F/LOSS. Otherwise, eventually, women will start to find that our group does not suit their needs. Male participants should keep this in mind.

Male participants should particularly respect that:

  • CnS is not a place to solicit women for relationships.
  • CnS is not a place to solicit advice or emotional support from women about your own life.
  • CnS is not primarily a place designed to allow men to make women friends. Of course you will do so if you participate long enough, but please focus on furthering our goals rather than enlarging your social network.
  • CnS must continue to be a place where women’s voices are heard frequently, and often they should be talking to each other. Listen more than you talk. If a woman has a problem, wait to respond to allow other women to offer help. If a woman is already being helped by another woman, think carefully before offering additional assistance or advice.

More subtly, CnS is not designed as a place to educate men about why we exist and to argue about whether women’s participation in F/LOSS is a real issue or needs a special support group. Please take steps to educate yourself about women’s participation in geek communities and F/LOSS and do not insist that other members of CnS frequently interrupt their activities to explain to you why they are necessary. We suggest as a starting point for self-education.

Men who participate in CnS but who persistently behave in ways like the above that distract us from our goal of furthering women’s participation in F/LOSS may be warned, and, if necessary, asked to leave CnS.

Text credit to the authors of the Geek Feminism wiki; used under their Creative Commons license. (original:

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