Audience & Goals

Code ‘n’ Splode is a user group for women and genderqueer persons working with technology: Software and hardware engineers, coders, hackers, technical writers, etc. Please feel free to attend if you are involved or want to become involved in technology regardless of the specific area.

Our specific goals include:

  • allowing women/genderqueer persons in the Portland, OR tech community to meet each other
  • supporting the participation of women/gendequeer in the Portland (and beyond) tech community
  • discussing and addressing issues in tech fields (including F/LOSS) that hinder women’s and genderqueer person’s participation and enjoyment

Attendance Guidelines

In keeping with the goals above, we welcome all self-identified women and genderqueer persons. Men are welcome to attend when invited by an attending member of these qualifying groups.

Participant Expectations

As a participant of Code ‘n’ Splode, you are expected to:

  • sympathetic with the goals stated above and interested in furthering them
  • follow the Citizen Code of Conduct in all group functions (including the mailinglist)
  • respectful of other members’ privacy (ask before sharing information obtained at meetings or on the mailinglist)
  • male participants: read more about the behavior we expect from you

Behavior that violates the Citizen Code of Conduct or otherwise hinders our goal will result in warnings and bans.

All self-identified women and genderqueer persons are welcome to attend Code ‘n’ Splode meetings at any time. We also welcome men who are interested in furthering our goals, but ask that male participants follow the guidelines listed below. Our email list can be found at http://groups.google.com/group/code-n-splode

Get In Touch

Christie Koehler is the current organizer for Code ‘n’ Splode. You can get in touch with her via her contact page.

Be sure to join our mailinglist where you can find out about upcoming meetings and interact with other groups members. We also have a twitter account and of course this website. We also have an IRC channel, the details for which you’ll need to join the mainlinglist or contact me to get.

Meeting Time & Place

We meet every FOURTH Tuesday at 7pm. FlightStats is currently hosting us. You can always search Calagator to find upcoming meetings.

Group History

Code ‘n’ Splode was founded in the Fall of 2006 by Gabrielle Roth and Selena Deckelmann. Christie Koehler started co-organizing sometime between then and now (she doesn’t remember when) and is currently the sole organizer.

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