October Meeting: Techy Sexagenarians

Jen Davidson will present this month on her research regarding Tecy Sexagenarians.

What are you going to do when you retire? Contribute to open source software, right? Do all those side-projects you never get around to doing while working? The first generation of programmers are retiring right now, and I plan to examine their experience contributing to open source software. Most open source communities are notoriously homogeneous, dominated by 20-30something white males. Through my research, I hope to provide open source communities with a proposal for involving older adults. During the talk, I’ll go over my research goals, how I plan meet those goals, and discuss some of the human-computer interaction research methods that I’m using. If you want to know more about life as a computer science/human-computer interaction PhD student, we can talk about that too.

Please, no fragrances (perfumes, scented lotions, etc.), to make our meetings welcoming to those with chemical sensitivities.